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fresh vintage

UX/UI design for a new app created for V Magazine.


People love vintage shopping but don't trust that items are authentic. V magazine will create it's first-ever vintage swapping app that only uses verified pieces to enhance every wardrobe.

book cover redesign

about the book

The war hangs over these wry stories of loss and sometimes unsuppressed rage. Salinger's children are fragile, odd, and hyper smart, whereas his grownups (even the materially content) seem beaten down by life and circumstances (some neurasthenic, others deeply unsympathetic).  

Original Cover

nine stories.png


The cover is a visual metaphor of Salinger's characters in the novel. It depicts a light that has gone out, and is shattered into nine pieces (representing each of the nine stories) but remains intact. It shows that the older we get, the more shattered we become internally, but we have to remain whole and appear put together on the outside, which is why the bulb is wearing a tie that holds everything in place. 

The back shows a colorful lightbulb in whimsical youthful clothing, which represents childhood and passion. Furthermore, the theme of emptiness is carried out from the gap in the bulb on the cover, to the outlined title on the spine, and the break in the bulb on the back. 


expressive type

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